The SDE identifies, analyzes & autonomously delivers data from the avalanche to your projects & workstreams

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Clinical Data 


Typical Challenges of Data Driven

Development Programs

Finding required clinical information is time consuming, costly & often redundant across functions. Resource constraints may lead to analysis with incomplete data sets. 


Interoperability challenges persist due to expansive sources, data types, volume & frequency of data. Inconsistent methods & unintended bias also challenge the analytical process.


Aligning new data, in real-time, as the science evolves, into individual workstreams and projects is difficult. 

The SDE solves these challenges to create #OneClinicalTruth

Our Scientific Information Disseminator (SID), Utilizes the

Most Current Technologies - Guided by Clinical Experts 

AI-assisted approach that keeps pace with evolving data for improved depth, range and cognition
Clinical Experts
Healthcare practitioners (HCPs) actively treating patients provide input to train / maintain data models
Cloud-based platform
RPA- Robotic Process Automation
NLP- Natural Language Processing